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Gas Water Heater Connection

gas water heater connection near me

Gas water heaters are heaters that perform heating through the combustion of gas. The combustion of this gas releases heat energy which is often channeled into the building or used specifically to warm up surfaces. The gas burnt may include propane, butane, liquified petroleum gas, or even natural gas. The usage of gas heaters has its advantages and disadvantages. Gas heaters need to be installed and maintained by trained professionals or qualified gas lifters. Routine checkup needs to be carried out on the gas heater every two years as even the slightest leakage of gas can be very hazardous to the family.

Choice of Gas Heater

Before a gas water heater can be successfully installed, the plumbing services company or agent should be able to assess the house, energy demands and factor into his choice the best gas heater that would be essential to achieve the desired heat results. There are two categories of gas heaters; these include the Portable LPG Gas Heaters which have plug fitting in the wall or on the floor and the Fuel gas heaters which are fixed in place with a fuel. We recommend that you consider designs of heaters, heating capacity and room size before you buy.

Source of Supply

This is also important as the gas fitter will need to know where you plan to regular supplies of gas. It’s important to know what medium of gas exchange you would be using either gas cylinders or automatic tanker deliveries. The usage of gas bottles/cylinders implies that the gas is used for heating is stored in cylinders and containers and refilled after usage. The automatic tanker delivery is done in residential areas where all gas lines used in residence is connected to a central source. This source ensures that each home gets regular gas supplies.

Contacting a Professional Gas Fitter

This is another key factor to consider because as earlier mentioned, gas heater installation is a very delicate activity that requires extreme caution to avoid gas explosions or the constant supply of fumes of carbon monoxide which is very harmful to the breathing system. When not installed properly, it could be a major source of a severe domestic accident in the form of fire incidents and respiratory illnesses. Constant exposure to fumes of carbon monoxide can result in tiredness, shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and extreme medical cases. The professional fitter would ensure that there are no leaks that would jeopardize the safety of hygiene.

Installation of Gas Fittings

For homes that are new to the usage of LPG gas, the gas fitter will need to install some important fittings that will aid the smooth passage of the gas from the LPG containers to the heater equipment. The fittings installed by the gas fitter include gas regulators, gas bottles connectors, and gas piping. These fittings do not apply to automatic tanker delivery systems. When this is not properly fixed, it is an attempt to cause damages, so it’s crucial to get this done rightly.

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