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Plumbing Handyman


To have a functional plumbing facility in your workplace or home is a necessity. Without this, living may be uncomfortable, and this would affect your general wellbeing. Plumbing services ensure that water is being distributed evenly around the house. From installations of heaters, boilers, furnaces, washing machines, fixing faulty pipes and leakages around water distribution lines, the importance of plumbing services cannot be ignored. The uncomfortable outcomes are such that need to be avoided by carrying out regular checkups. If you need a standard checkup and don't know how to go about it, you can schedule service.


We are a reputable plumbing service company in Miami, FL, set up expressly to address the daily challenges faced in residential or commercial centers. Our mission is to aid the betterment of our communities through plumbing. Plumbing Handyman is a full-fledged plumbing contractor offering 360-degrees installation and repair services to clients in Miami. Our team consists of a passionate, highly skilled, and licensed contractor whose sole focus is to help overcome several client's plumbing challenges through exceptional knowledge and experience. We are specialized in plumbing installation, repairs, and replacement of plumbing equipment to residential and commercial clients – we're just a call away.


It is vital to have an appropriate plumbing system in a building, if this is ignored, it may cause a threat to human living. As a leading Plumbing service company, we handle all types of Plumbing services in Miami, FL, not compromising customers' focus because they are the reason for our existence. We install and maintain air conditions, gas, and water heaters, which have become a trending heating technology gaining relevance in homes today. We check and fix leaks associated with tankless water heaters, toilet facilities, and drains. Our prompt service delivery ensures that your service demands are addressed as soon as you call.

gas water heater connection

Gas Water Heater Connection

It is common to find water heaters in almost every home. The increase in utility has significantly been affected by the climate condition faced by residents living and doing business in Miami. The immense burning capacity of gas has made it a better substitute for conventional electric heating as over 25-degree heat difference can be realized through gas heating. This is why we are committed to making sure you get your gas heaters installed and running effectively. Fortunately, our plumbing experts are always available upon your call to provide exceptional service to ensure your water heater is perfectly fit.

Tankless Water Heater Connection

Most people spike up when the idea of water heating comes up. This is because they are afraid of the energy unit that is being consumed in the heating process. The invention of a tankless water heater solves longstanding worries and complaints. Water heater reduces energy consumption rate; however, this can be effective with the right tankless water heater. To works ideally, the connection capacity must be checked and appropriately fixed. If your tankless heater is efficient, it can save you a few hundred bucks. We pledge our commitment towards ensuring that the water heater runs efficiently in your home, as you request.

tankless water heater connection
professional plumber during work

Leak Detection

Leaks in pipes, sewage lines, drainages, and water heating facilities can incur grave consequences. Leaks happen when a substandard material is used during building, or if a building is due for renovation. Damages caused by rust, breakings, cracks can cause leakages, too. They do not give signs before it occurs; hence, regular checks and maintenance are advisable so that leaks are detected on major plumbing facilities. Asides monitoring the state of your plumbing facilities, we also ensure that the materials and installations are durable and can last long before the worries of leakages and faults begin to set in.

Relocation of Drains

Drains are naturally built to accommodate the flowing water by acting as a conduit where they exit. Plumbing Handyman is highly equipped and targeted at relocating pipes that have issues conveying used water, whether in your commercial or residential property. The inability of water to flow out, especially when the water is contaminated or already used, can cause discomfort. As experts, we re-establish these drains in areas where it can flow effortlessly. You do not need to suffer the chaos; we have a dedicated team that would help to combat this challenge. The team would assess the problem and give appropriate relocation strategies.

relocation of drains near me
toilet installation near me

Toilet Installation

No one can live in a place without a functional toilet facility, and it's one essential part of any building; in fact, a building without it is incomplete. Most people fell toilet installation is a simple task; so far, you can lose and tie a nut or a bolt, then you can install a toilet. Is this right? – Maybe. Toilet installations with poor plumbing efficiency is a costly mistake, and as always, this can be avoided. A proper toilet installation creates peace of mind; upon request, our skilled plumbers handle all toilet installation services ranging from toilet equipment supplies to fixture.

Commercial Plumbing

Plumbing service that is not offered in a residential setting is "Commercial Plumbing," and Plumbing Handyman is highly specialized in providing top-demand plumbing services to different organizations regardless of the size and configurations. This is beyond rendering remedial services and extends towards water supply and disposal systems and waste disposal systems. Having to manage all these for both public and private firms might be quite daunting, but our level of experience and clients' trustworthiness has made us stand out. We possess the skill and technical know-how to handle significant plumbing problems in large commercial buildings, recreational areas.

commercial plumbing near me

Contact Us For More Information

Plumbing Handyman in Miami is making it possible for people to get the most out of life, and live with total convenience and peace of mind – we are fulfilled that way. If you need a plumbing expert within your environs, please speak to our customer service team using the phone number or email provided on our website. They are always available to reply to your queries and complaints related to plumbing services at any time. Don't wait until your plumbing issues escalate – call us today to request a free quoting for plumbing facility maintenance or repair!

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When we relocated to Miami, we decided to switch from electric to gas heaters. We needed professionals to ensure a smooth transition. Some days later, I met a friend who referred me to your website, and that was it. Today, I'm glad this transition has become favorable for my family and me. – Joe Katrina

gas water heater installation

I noticed my water distribution lines started developing faults when I contracted some minor water installation to a plumbing company. Dissatisfied with their result, I decided to contact Plumbing Handyman. To my greatest surprise, they were able to detect where the fault was and proffer solutions. – Thomas

professional leak detection near me

I am not a fan of water heaters, I decided to give it a try after visiting a friend and experiencing her water heating connections and supply. I choose to come in contact with those who were responsible for the simplicity and effectiveness of her heating connections. I hired Plumbing Handyman and was all goodness –Jane S